Pearl River Valley Opportunity, Inc.
Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)
CSBG/LIHEAP Director: Doneater Mack
CSBG is designed to provide comprehensive services to eligible disadvantaged clients including, but not limited to, case management, employment, education, consumer planning, housing, emergency assistance, self-sufficiency, nutrition, health, and participation in community affairs. The program is operational in Covington, Forrest, Jefferson Davis, Jones, Lamar, Marion, Pearl River, and Perry Counties. The centerpiece for operating CSBG is comprehensive case management that is designed to provide services to the total family.

Case management will be implemented by utilizing the six steps of the case management process as follows:

  1. Intake Process - The initial step is obtaining specific data on an individual in order to complete the application.
  2. Eligibility - Clients must meet poverty income guidelines in order to receive needed services.
  3. Assessment -During the assessment a clearer picture of the family’s/individual’s problems and goals are identified. A comprehensive assessment and a thorough goal-setting process set the stage for development of a service plan, which leads to self-sufficiency and/or family/individual stability.
  4. Individual Service Plan (ISP) - A well-formulated ISP must be developed by both the family/individual and the case worker in order to set goals and objectives, as well as develop a systematic process of meeting them according to the needs of the family/individual. The ISP identifies the specific obstacles and solves problems which block the family/individual from achieving self-sufficiency and/or stability.

The case manager refers clients who are in need of services not directly provided by PRVO to the agencies providing services. PRVO has established linkages, and clients are referred to agencies providing employment, health services, education, emergency services, housing, child care, and transportation.

5. Follow-up - Case managers contact clients to determine if services requested were received and are still needed based on the client's needs and progress.

6. Re-assessment/Re-evaluation- A reevaluation of the case plan is completed at least every six months to monitor the clients’ conditions. The re-assessment process is necessary to determine if the case management services being rendered need to be modified, replaced, or terminated.

PRVO provides financial assistance through CSBG to assist clients in becoming stable and/or self-sufficient in the areas of education, employment, housing, health, nutrition, and transportation. Activities sponsored by CSBG include, but are not limited to: health fairs, job fairs, housing expos, clothing drives, food drives, and employability skill training sessions. Individuals interested in receiving CSBG services should contact their local PRVO office.

Pearl River Valley Opportunity’s Satellite Offices:

Covington County
500 9th Street
Collins, MS 39428
Forrest County
714 Williams Street
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Jeff Davis County
1025 3rd Street
Prentiss, MS 39474
Jones County
130 North 12th Avenue
Laurel, MS 39440
Lamar County
103-A Shelby Speight Drive
Purvis, MS 39475
Marion County
1183 Highway 13 South
Columbia, MS 39429
Pearl River County (Poplaville)
417 Highway 11 North
Poplarville, MS 39470
Pearl River County (Picayune)
7012 Highway 11 North, Suite D
Carriere, MS 39426
601-749-7729 or 601-749-7730
Perry County
105 Main Street Suite 6-8
New Augusta, MS 39462
Central Office
756 Highway 98 Bypass
Columbia, MS 39429

Eligibility for January 2009 will be at 125% of OMB poverty guidelines for CSBG only.

Number in Household
125% Category 100% Category 75% Category
13,000 10,400 7,800
2 17,500 14,000 10,500
3 22,000 17,600 13,200
4 26,500 21,200 15,900
5 31,000 24,800 18,600
6 35,500 28,400 21,300
7 40,000 32,000 24,000
8 44,500 35,600 26,700
For each additional member add 4,500 3,600 2,700

Income is based on the client’s annual household income.